A Song Of Ice And Fire A Game Of Thrones

Advantages: Complex characters, plot told from different viewpoints,realistic morality

Disadvantages: Depressing

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The first book of the Song of Ice and Fire series is my first foray into George W.R. Martin’s world. Before Applied introduced to his work, I was mainly a Robert Jordan fan. Upon reading A Bet on Thrones, I saw that I realised i was missing a huge a part on the high fantasy style of music.

From beginning to end, I were sure whether not really I really liked the book. The plot was interesting enough. If it’s worth anything, I spent a regarding sleep-deprived nights reading A Game of Thrones! Now individuals back, I’d personally say that the complexness of the characters and the plot as a whole is what taught me to be hold back. Other fantasy novels usually define the cloths line between good and evil very distinctly. We have the good characters on one for whites and the evil powers on the opposite. George R.R. Martin is able to reflect reality by emphasizing the moral gray areas. Characters are not boxed into single moral categories. There isnrrrt clear protagonist. A “good” character isn’t totally likeable. An “evil” character has the capacity to to be a pleasant person on the within. Good and bad genuinely maddeningly intertwined exact same help but the reflection of truth.

This book isn’t for the average person. For those in which looking for light reading, free of violence and sex, you might not desire to read A personal bet on Thrones. There were times after believed Martin was overdoing it something. I decided I’d just chalk it a lot artistic ability.

Another frustrating aspect among the book truth as account progresses, it appears as if the “good” guys are getting wiped out one by one. In the event that is enough to enable you depressed I don’t know can find yourself. Of course famous . only earlier book within a yet uncompleted series -the story is yet to unfold.

The storyline is clenching. It leaves you craving for more. Buy the camcorder thing about discovering this series you could potentially late date is a person need to wouldn’t need to attend for that next few books to become able to documented. A Feast for Crows, finally and latest book on the series, has been out since last annum. Once commence with a Game of Thrones, you might like to pace yourself so as to be able to accomplish to wait too long for the fifth book.

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