Android Apps Development – Handout For Developers

Android is one of the most emerging mobile technologies will be enhanced by Google. Is certainly vital and open software platform created at LINUX operating system. Talking about mobile application programming, higher than 70% of the developers are working for Android apps development. And hence Android dominates the greater degree of global smartphone market.
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Some benefits of android application development are:

Android application development is embellishing business among software development companies. It has opened new ways for astonishing growth of outsourcing android apps development goods and services. Expertise is delivering cost effective and feature rich provider. One of the challenging regions of Android development is the continuous release of new versions. And this leads developers to keep updated with every new product.

Not all the Android developers are expert in art and science of mobile application development. Ignoring fundamentals results in healthy for nothing application. There are few tips for developer’s enhancement.

Before android 2.2 versions, developers were allowed to create two layouts for each screen so that OS automatically selects most from both. It was still not resolving the fragmentation problem. With no release of new version, developers were able to create more than two layouts. Along with this effort Android developers can optimize their apps to show up on all platforms.

It is magic formula to get wide acceptance of users to an the application. Socialization is required after only computer codes. Taking example of game app that persuaded user to share scores on Facebook or twitter account, it may also persuade some other users to download the app.

Website should be designed with cross browser and even cross platform sizes. Android 4.0 ice ice-cream sandwich is somehow based on web responsive design as it could be opened in all types of desktops.

Any error prone code or the code that is hard to understand in order to avoided. These codes are usually expensive, dangerous to modify and even difficult to extend. And testing of these codes is comparatively educate.

Desktop applications are more costly as compared to mobile applications. Most of the apps are located for free and paid are also reasonable. Developers have both the options, rest all depend upon how useful an app is for the user.

If the any Android development project with you, don’t forget to consider above cited pointers.

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