LOGO PSD VS LOGO BMP – Which is an ideal format to design a logo?

 Several graphics file formats for logos are available in market today with each format serving an exact purpose to persons. Many graphical file formats among those formats including PSD, GIF, JPEG, EPS, TIFF and AI are interchangeable. As different graphical file formats serve different purposes; therefore, businesses should know how and when to use less difficult graphical format like whether they should use a logo in psd or logo in bmp.
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PSD extendable is the choice of professional designers for designing a logo to aid their client. Photoshop cs4 is advised program to open up a logo psd instigate. It is a wrong conception that PSD files are editable supplied source file. Designers utilize PSD file being a vector file because vector files could be resized the actual loss in quality. PSD format might be useful for home-based print purposes.

BMP format is gas of several bitmap forms. Windows and Macintosh support BMP files. Modern image editing tools are used to read BMP formats. All of the variants of BMP format are avoided since the format make use of a little or no compression at all supporting larger size file types. Due to their disability to incorporate compression in the design; designers avoid to create logo in BMP units.

PSD files are beneficial in the sense that they enable an artist to change colors associated with the image, add layers to or remove layers from image. Addition of text is also simple in PSD data format and PSD templates together with the flexibility in slicing according to your needs. Although, there are a few advantages to design a logo in PSD format; however, the logo designer have got to know how to perform the various tasks to design a logo through PSD compatible name software.

Because bmp format isn’t preferred by designers; thus, files in BMP formats are converted to PSD through Image Converter Plus. Logo bmp format is would prefer to store e-mail. Since, bmp format was designed by IBM and Microsoft; therefore, it has been supported by operating systems made by IBM and Microsoft. Compared with bmp format, logo PSD file is used for editing images.

Following are some points you’ll need keep as their intended purpose while utilizing PSD and BMP file formats:

* Take a look at keep your logo editable; then you will need to go for software’s native file format like PSD for logo.

* BMP format will support any pixel based image without compromising the products your logo design.


Have you realized on the road that logo psd or bmp file serves to a business? BMP are raster based files supported by Windows and Macintosh while logo in psd files can use to incorporate special effects in logo like giving a texture or background. In short, it is the non linear editing feature of PSD making it superior over BMP file format for design purposes.

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