National Testing Service and Its Products


NTS stands for National Testing Service. NTS was established July 2002 .The NTS test is based on academic testing mode that is conducted several times in a  year for postgraduate and undergraduate students. This method is similar to the Educational Testing Service in United States. Almost every month it conducts one or two tests.The fee required for appearing in the test ranges from 500 to 700 rupees, excluding band and dispatch charges. Nearly 40,000 to 50,000 candidates appear in these examinations every year.

There different types of exams conducted by NTS. Sometimes educational institutes acquire their services to test and sometimes government departments, corporate and organizations. Tests can be for various reasons. There can be exams for job vacancies of different flavor or for admission in specific programs. All of these require distinct yet unique types of tests that fit the necessities accurately. For this purpose NTS has introduced these categories of tests called Products. In this article we have shared different types of NTS products and their purposes so you know what you need for yourself. NTS are chiefly categorized in two classes serving for different scope.

  1. National Tests
  2. International Tests

National Tests

National Test are like local tests used only for something that is in Pakistan. For example, a job in a Pakistani organization or admission in a Pakistani university. These are similar to exams like GRE and SATs conducted on global level. All products that fall under the category of National Test are:

  1. National Aptitude Test (NAT)
  2. Graduate Assessment Test Subject (GAT Subject)
  3. Graduate Assessment Test General(GAT General)
  4. Law Graduate Assessment Test (LAW GAT)
  5. National Teachers Database Program (NTDP)
  6. Medical Representatives Certification Program (MRCP)
  7. Customized Tests
  8. E-marking

National Aptitude Test (NAT)

Many universities in Pakistan take NAT to filter out the students applying for admission in their institute. This test assures whether student even has the ability to study that level of education and that only the most eligible and  best of them are selected.The candidates have to appear in a single test only and stand eligible for admission to all associative universities in the respective subject group.The NAT results are valid for one year .

Graduate Assessment TestGeneral(GAT)

Graduate Assessment Test General serves multiple objectives. First of all it’s a necessity to take admission in any Master or MPhil program in every university of Pakistan. You must also prepare for GAT if you are going to apply for scholarship or grant from Higher Education Commission or Ministry of Education.

Graduate Assessment TestSubject(GAT)

Graduate Assessment Test (Subject) belongs to the same as GAT General with just little different purpose. It is used to test only for PhD programs. It is a specialized test of specified subject in which candidate wished to pursue his/her doctorate. After you have passed this test, its results remain valid for two years. After that if you wish use this certification, you must again take part and clear the exam.

International Tests

International Test of NTS are to examine language proficiencies mostly in English. NTS products are also regarded on international level. If you have a certification from NTS, it will be helpful in getting you a job or admission in a foreign country. International Test products of NTS are:

  1. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Primary
    • Forkids of age +8 years
  2. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Junior
    • Forkids of age +11 years
  3. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) ITP
    • For Institutional Testing Program
  4. Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) L&R
    • For Listening and Reading test
  5. Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) – S&W
    • For Speaking and Writing test
  6. Work FORCE Assessment for Job Fit
  7. Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) Bridge
  8. Test de Français International (TFI) – Proficiency test for French

All of above mentioned are used on different case scenarios as their title specifies. Some of them are just conducted so we can test and know our level in proficiency of a language. Some of them are students who wish to study abroad and some for those who need to get in an international organization for job.



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