She Was Electrocuted In Her Sleep

She Was Electrocuted In Her Sleep While Using Headphones Connected To A Charging Phone, Shocking!

There is no one in the world imagined that this would happen. Even the girl might never imagine that listening to the songs with headphones can cost her life. She is a girl from Philipines was listing to the songs with the headphones and charging the phone by connecting to the socket. She felt sleep for sometimes then the phone was blasted. It was sue to the overheating of the phone. Yes! Then electric power passed through the headphones and she died in the sleep.

Just read the complete story which is given below.

She connected her headphone with phone and listening the songs with it.

Yes! It was night and the girl was in mid sleep and listening to song with her phone. The charge in the phone was over then she connected the charge which was near to the bed.

Then the phone started charging and she went to sleep.

Due to the overheat of the phone battery was blasted.

She was listening to the songs and she falls sleep just after sometime connecting the phone with the charger. Then the battery of the phone was exploded. After that current passed her ear through headphones.

Her face was completely burnt due to this explosion.

Her face was burnt sue to the current passed through the ear.

The headphones were still in the ear right after causing the death.

It was huge blast where the face was burned and the headphones were melted but still in her ear.

Even the body of her was injured.

Then police and the people have arrived for the investigation. She was dead at that time and completely burned.

Police have started the investigation to the cause off her death.

They completed the investigation immediately and came to the conclusion that the phone was overcharged and that was the main reason of explosion of the phone.

Yes! Headphone transferred the current.

So, never charge you phone when you are working with the phone.

The battery of the phone will explode

So, be careful while using your phone while charging and even it can blast in your hand too. You might know about the story of Nokia and Samsung batteries.

Life is too short, be careful and stay safe,

All we have to say is to avoid using the phone while charging. It will harm you.

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